About Us

The executive team behind ValueRock Realty Partners is comprised of industry veterans each with 20 to 30 years experience in operating and investing in real estate, including the acquisition of individual properties as well as entire portfolios. Our professional expertise includes sourcing, evaluating, and negotiating the purchase and sale of quality income-producing real estate assets, as well as quality development and value-add projects. Our executive team has been involved with over $30 billion of transactions.

ValueRock Realty Partners' Retail Operating Platform:

High-Level Advisory
Asset Management
Leasing Expertise
Acquisitions & Dispositions
Development & Design


ValueRock Realty Partners is positioned to operate and render advice with respect to all major property types. ValueRock Realty Partners maintains a network of relationships and direct affiliations throughout the country to assist in assembling current local market information, and identifying investment-grade property and quality value-add opportunities. ValueRock Realty Partners has directly invested in and operated a diverse spectrum of property types in numerous markets over the past two decades. All major decisions relating to the real estate, from management to leasing to capital expenditures, are at the discretion of the ValueRock Realty Partners executive team. Proactive and responsive in times of economic change, the ValueRock Realty Partners team is able to consistently meet and exceed the ValueRock Realty Partners' goals of increasing net operating income (NOI) and maximizing value of the real estate investment.


ValueRock Realty Partners' "hands on" operating and management approach is the only key to its success. The executive team has a deep understanding of the risks associated with the real estate market, and has the confidence, experience, and ability to mitigate those risks to provide maximum value. The common denominator of our portfolio is the team's ability to seek out and enhance the real economic value of the assets. The executive team's ability to create additional value is through re-merchandising, increasing gross revenues, squeezing expenses, repositioning tenants, redevelopment, and financing.


Value enhancement is one of our core competencies. Asset-specific leasing strategies and merchandising plans are developed and continuously updated:

  • positioning the asset in the marketplace
  • identifying suitable tenants
  • creating customized marketing strategies and tools
  • managing all the steps associated with the leasing process
  • opening tenants' stores sooner
  • maximizing tenant rents

ValueRock Realty Partners leverages its tenant relationships resulting in additional leasing opportunities portfolio-wide. Our experienced operating team negotiates all new leases and renewals directly with the tenants, ensuring timely execution and expediting the tenant delivery and store opening process.


ValueRock Realty Partners' strategy involves strategic relationships with the most successful real estate firms. ValueRock Realty Partners maintains a network of relationships with institutions, REITs, private equity funds, life insurance companies, and national real estate and advisory firms, throughout the country. We capitalize on the experience and exposure these firms provide, ensuring we have access to investment-grade real estate and quality value-add opportunities as well as the most current local market information and data.


ValueRock has a multi disciplined, vertically integrated, development and design capabilities. ValueRock Realty Partners is positioned to render its expertise, advice, and services in all aspects of the Development, Design, and Construction process.

  • Conceptual Design and Renderings
  • Master Site Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Proforma Analysis
  • Market Studies
  • Entitlement Process
  • Construction Management