About Us

At ValueRock Realty Partners we’re founded on a retail operating platform.

As operators of real estate, we believe that when you choose a retail center based on the fundamental components of retail performance, there is a greater opportunity for success. That is when our team and partners leverage their decades of operating experience to develop the best creative strategy to realize a higher return on investment with low risk.

Many factors make retail properties a superior investment choice. There are also many factors that make it a highly complex investment choice and one that demands a superior team of investment, operational, and transactional experts to execute.

To be successful, a retail center needs a prime location, strategic leasing, “hands-on” operations, and intense management. At ValueRock Realty Partners, we make retail investment decisions based upon these essential fundamentals in mind.

Retail as an Investment Choice:

  • Retail leases are NNN. This means the “Tenants” are responsible for all taxes, common area maintenance charges, utilities, insurance, and management fees.
  • The operational expenses and the risk of any increases are shifted to the tenants. In real estate product types such as office, apartment, and industrial, these variable costs are the direct responsibility of ownership, creating higher risk to investors.
  • National retailers are funded through public or private markets. Shareholders demand growth of earnings and new locations from retailers, which creates demand for expansion. These national tenants present excellent credit and bring stability to the centers.
  • Retail centers require strategic locations. These are limited creating higher barriers to entry. Therefore rent and property values are higher than other real estate types.
  • Retail vacancies usually are substantially lower than office and industrial.